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Communication, Media & Learning Technologies Design

In the Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology

A Professional Development Framework About Technology Integration and Student Centered Instruction for Peruvian High Schools

Romina Peschiera, M.A. Instructional Technology and Media

Diverse studies indicate that technology affects positively academic achievement if it is used under a constructivist approach, where the student is responsible for his or her own learning, and the teacher facilitates this learning by applying an active and student-centered instruction (Wenglinsky, 2005; Ertmer, 2009; Eisenberg, Johnson, & Berkowitz, 2010). This project proposes a long-term professional development framework for Peruvian public high schools to shift the instructional practices toward a more active approach of teaching and learning, incorporating technology as a pedagogical resource that will facilitate the change in the teacher’s role. For the development of the professional development framework, this project considers the evidence of the current literature about the barriers and effectiveness of technology integration in the classrooms, and the considerations for a successful professional development. Additionally, to develop the framework, this information is combined with an analysis of the Peruvian context in terms if technology integration, mainly under the One Laptop Per Child Program. The professional development framework has been designed considering three stages of systemic change presented by Fullan and Hargreaves (1991): Initiation, Implementation, and Institutionalization. These stages of change allow incorporating the professional development framework as part of a major strategy of instructional change. Professional development cannot change everything as a sole strategy. This change implies that all the stakeholders involved in education should be consider part of the instructional change (Fullan, 2007; Su, 2009). This proposal works as a framework to start the development of a specific professional development program that should be adequate for different Peruvian regions and local communities.

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