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Communication, Media & Learning Technologies Design

In the Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology

Digital Arts: Museum Education through Mobile Technologies

Shaoyu Cui, M.A. in Communication and Education

The first museum website was established in 1994 in the UK. Since then, discussions about whether to deploy technology in traditional art institutions and how to implement have always existed (Dillon, 2012). As museums are keeping up with the development of technology, they have also begun to pursue a further step: not only to reach out to more audiences, but to bring more opportunities for art learning process and enhance visitor’s museum experience. The last decade has seen a large amount of expansions in the use of mobile technology. Various mobile phone applications have been applied by museums to open up different channels of interactive museum education (Dougherty, 2012). In this sense, studying on how museums and mobile applications can work together has become significantly essential. Because the use of mobile technology would open up new approaches different from past displays, it becomes an interactive tool for museum educators and mobile application users.

This thesis analyzes issues on museum technology assessment, trying to seek answers to the following questions: Is it necessary for museums to start or continue developing their mobile features? How has museum education changed under the background of using mobile technologies? Do current mobile applications meet the needs of learners’ experiences? To answer these questions, this thesis examines historical track, statistical studies, current examples of museum mobile technologies, and future trend of museum technology. The aim of this thesis is to discuss the importance of museums using mobile technologies, present the strengths and weakness of existing museum mobile applications, and help museums re-examine the opportunities and challenges within realm of mobile technology.

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