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Communication, Media & Learning Technologies Design

In the Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology

A Study of Using Tablet PCs as a Medium for Teaching First Grade Classrooms in Thailand

Songlak Svasti, M.A. Communication and Education

The main goal of this study is to provide recommendations for improvements in the implementation of tablet PCs in grade 1 classrooms, based on the experiences of and challenges faced by teachers during the first year of implementation of Thailand’s One Tablet PC Per Child (OTPC) initiative. The study examines 43 teacher’s satisfaction towards the application of tablet PCs (TPCs), through surveys, as a means to improve and support teachers’ usage of these in the educational context. This study provides an analysis of the use of tablet PCs in primary school classrooms in Thailand, where they were introduced by the government as part of the curriculum. The analysis was conducted by the use of teacher surveys and interviews about how teachers were using tablet PCs to teach and manage young learners at the primary school level. The findings also suggest a number of implications for Thai schools, as well as providing guidelines to support teachers using tablet PCs in the classroom. Interestingly, teacher’s satisfaction towards the Tablet PC under the One Tablet PC Per Child initiative revealed that the tablet PCs were effective instructional tools for teaching students, and suggesting continued implementation of the program in the future.

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