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Communication, Media & Learning Technologies Design

In the Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology

The Plan for Effective Implementation of Sesame Street Chinese into K-6 Chinese Language Instruction

Yuewen Jiang, M.A. Instructional Technology and Media

Studies have found that children learning Chinese early have advantages in linguistic development compared to adults and better chances to achieve native-like pronunciation. Also, with rich visual and aural content, videos provide learners with a dynamic image of the language they are learning and enable them to gain insights into other cultures. Sesame Workshop's developing Chinese Culture and Language series Fun Fun Elmo is an Educational Program designed to teach children the basics of Mandarin Chinese language. Currently there is no instructional support to integrate them into the classroom. So in this project, a plan of implementation is presented to integrate Sesame Street Chinese videos into K-6 school curricula or as supplemental learning materials for schools. And related instructional support materials are developed to help teachers integrate the videos into K-6 Chinese learning curriculum classrooms.To accomplish the goal, interviews with teachers from a variety of backgrounds and observation at a private school were conducted for the needs assessment.

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