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Communication, Media & Learning Technologies Design

In the Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology

The Influence of Digital Technologies on Decision-making in Web Searching Processes: a Comparison between Desktop Computer and Smartphone

Zui Cheng, M.A. in Communication and Education

It is widely accepted that technologies have a great impact on many aspects of our daily life, including information-seeking behavior. Although several previous studies tackled related topics, such as the impact of screen size on people’s online information seeking processes and online resource evaluation (Kim, Thomas, Sankaranarayana, Gedeon & Yoon, 2014; Xie, Miao, Song, Wen, & Ma, 2005), there had been no known prior study that specifically looked at how technology as a whole influences people’s evaluation and decision-making processes when they are seeking information online through commercial search engines. Therefore, the proposed study is designed to fill this gap and is guided by two main questions: 1-a) Do college students make different choices on which entry to select in a Google results page when they are interacting with desktop computers, and with smartphones?1-b) If so, how? 2-a) Do design factors and interaction modes make a difference in college students decision-making processes when they are deciding which entry to select in a Google search results page? 2-b) If so, how? Mixed methods will be applyed in the proposed study.

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