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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How long does an internship typically last?
Internships last 14 weeks.
2.    How many hours per week does an internship commitment require?
An internship is based on classroom hours:
5-8 hours per week is a 1-credit internship.
10-12 hours per week is a 2-credit internship.
Internships max out at 2 credits because you are getting credit for the learning part of the internship, not just working. So a full time internship may only be a 2-credit internship. Additional credits will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
3.    What are the academic requirements?
You must register for the Internship course during the first semester you are an intern. This includes attending a biweekly internship seminar and submitting a one-page proposal. Your supervisor will need to give you a midterm and final evaluation. – need LINK examples
4.    What’s the best time to search for an internship?
Anytime is a good time. It’s important to consider the skills you want to build through schoolwork versus internships, though. For example, if you need to brush up on certain technology skills or learn a bit more about web design, we suggest you do those skill-building things FIRST to make your internship application more competitive.
5.    How can I find internship opportunities on-campus?
You can find on-campus internship opportunities in the “research” section of internship opportunities in this site.  You can also contact the Internship Coordinator to discuss your specific interests, as often the Internship Coordinator can design internships especially suited to a particular student’s needs.
6.    Can I start an internship after a semester has already started?
Yes, the 14-week period is not dependent on semesters. Companies have projects that do not always align with our semesters.
7.    If I have an opportunity to intern at a site that is not on the official CCTE list, can I receive TC credit?
Yes, but the site needs to be approved by the Internship Coordinator and a signed agreement from the company must be received before the internship can start.
8.    If I am an international student, can I receive the stipend?
Maybe; it depends on your visa. Each case needs to be worked out individually. 
9.    What is expected for the post-internship self-evaluation report?
The end of the semester self evaluation is a time to ask yourself the following questions:
Why did I pick this internship?
Was it really what I expected?
What did I do to hinder or push on the internship?
Would I have been hired full-time if they had a position based on my performance?
What internship should I do now to add onto that experience and make myself more competitive in the future job market?

10.    Are there available examples of the Internship Proposal, Midterm Report, and/or Final Evaluation? 

Yes, you can download them here: 

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