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Communication, Media & Learning Technologies Design

In the Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology



All Teachers College (TC) and Columbia University (CU) students are eligible for participation in the CMLTD Internship program. Rare exceptions will be made for students not enrolled in TC or CU, but credit given is TC credit.

The Internship must be taken for credit in the first semester. Students may register for 1-2 credits per semester.  In subsequent semesters students may opt out of taking it for credit. Students will need special permission to sign up for the internship course. The permission will be granted once placement is officially made. may register through Teachers College under the current CRN listed in the class schedule

Please note: students must be assigned to an internship before they can register for the class


For every credit taken, Interns should expect to spend 5-7 hours per week at the Internship site throughout the 15 week semester. Two credits would be 10- 12 hours at the internship sites.

The hourly commitments will inevitably vary according to the needs of the projects. This is particularly true of Internships in school-based projects and workshop series. The average, however, should be used as a gauge by students to plan their semester commitments.

In addition to the time commitment, Interns are required to attend Intern Seminar Meetings and complete a final project (oftentimes a reflective paper, Web project, etc.) as part of their Internship. Interns will work with their Mentor to define individual requirements at the commencement of the Internship. As an intern, students may also participate in various technology workshops and field trips to schools and technology centers in the area.


Typically Internships are taken Pass-Fail. In some instances, students prefer to receive a grade for their Internship work. Students must let it be known to your immediate supervisor and academic advisor in the Internship at the beginning of the semester if they want to receive a letter grade.


There are opportunities for students to receive credit for study in a non-academic, practice-oriented setting. A small number of Internships are paid. These are highly competitive slots and are dependent upon institutional resources and project commitments that vary each semester.

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