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Science Education Instructor Named 2015 Climate sHero in New York City

Gioya DeSouza-Fennelly received her graduate degree in Biophysical Chemistry at Fordham University. A NASA Endeavor Fellow, she was named “2015 Climate sHero in New York City” by the Human Impacts Institute for her work in developing sustainable educational curriculum and helping teachers implement STEM education in their classrooms.

Through her research interest rooted in STEM education and through the lens of Sustainable Development Education and Global Citizenship, Ms. DeSouza-Fennelly states that teaching at TC allows her to share her belief that 21st-century educators need to shift toward a more distributive and collaborative education system. She further explains that such a shift would harness social media to enable students to use real-time events to develop an empathetic worldview. She shares, “My move to Teachers College was based on my first-hand experience with STEM and Sustainable Development Education. There is an urgent need for our pre-service science teachers to identify and integrate a multidisciplinary approach to engage students in active learning and cultivate inquiry-based problem solving skills. This will ensure that as educators, we can use an integrative approach to address social and environmental problems on a personal, communal, and global level.” Ms. DeSouza-Fennelly adds, “Attending COP21 in Paris highlighted the evolving role of teachers. It is imperative to educate and prepare students to understand the impact of climate change and their role in ensuring an equitable and sustainable future for every citizen on this planet.”

Her vision also includes encouraging her pre-service science teachers to promote positive learning and teaching, providing a strong foundation for lifelong learning, and assisting them in developing interdisciplinary, empathetic global curriculum and designing experiences for social educational impact. Ms. DeSouza-Fennelly also offers this advice to students: “Social media is an integral part of our society. Use media activism as an engaging part of your curriculum to discuss the process of teaching global citizenship through the lens of sustainable development education and to enhance cross-cultural communication and political expression.” To learn more about Gioya DeSouza-Fennelly’s Climate sHero award or to listen to her interview, please visit The Human Impact Stories’ website at

The Human Impact Stories Program provides a glimpse into the lives of everyday citizens who are leading the way in their communities to combat global climate change while inspiring others to take a stand along the way.

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