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Science Education

In the Department of Mathematics, Science & Technology

Program Description

The Science Education Program at Teachers College was one of the first in the nation to encompass both professional teacher education and a research-based doctoral program that prepares leaders for science education roles in pre-college and higher education. The guiding principle for our program offerings is that professional science educators should be thoroughly educated in their content discipline and bring modern theories of learning and education to bear on their scholarship as professional teachers and in their research for the doctoral degree. 

Master’s-level offerings in science content are coordinated with methodology and supervision appropriate for both initial and professional teachers. Advanced masters’ and doctoral programs complete preparation for a variety of positions including teaching, supervisory, and re-search roles spanning the elementary through college levels of instruction. Some courses offered through these programs are designed especially for students from other areas of study at Teachers College (for example science education methods for elementary school teaching) who need to acquire knowledge and skills in science but who do not wish to earn a degree in these areas. 

Our graduates have been appointed in major universities as science and/or science education professors. Many of our graduates have become major leaders in school leadership and educational reform nationally and internationally. Our work in reforming urban science education and broadening the scope of the theoretical base for teaching and learning in science has become more sharply focused in recent years to include neurocognitive, multicultural, and learning theory based innovations in guiding teaching and research.