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Edward D. Mysak Clinic for Communication Disorders


Services for children and adults with Autism are offered at the Edward D. Mysak Clinic for Communication Disorders.  A diagnosis of Autism should be made by the client’s physician or other medical professional with experience in working with autism.  Individuals with Autism display a wide spectrum of disorders.  As deficits in social skills and communication are often the first symptoms of autism, Speech Language Pathologists play a key role in providing therapeutic services for individuals with Autism.

Therapeutic intervention can target the following deficits (this list provides examples and is not meant to be comprehensive):

Social Challenges:

  • Poor eye contact and joint attention
  • Poor play skills
  • Difficulties engaging with same aged peers
  • Difficulty interpreting facial expressions and gestures  
  • Inappropriate responses to the environment (e.g., crying, becoming angry, laughing inappropriately)

Communication Deficits:

  • Not speaking or very limited speech
  • Difficulty communicating, including basic wants and needs
  • Limited vocabulary and sentence structure
  • Difficulty following directions
  • Using echolalic speech (repeating what is said)  or "robotic" speech
  • Difficulty answering a variety of "wh-questions" (e.g, who, what, where, when)
  • Difficulties engaging in conversation (e.g., maintaining topic, shifting topic)

Feeding Deficits:

  • Selective diet
  • Refusing certain food textures, temperatures, and/or tastes
  • Significant food preferences and aversions

Some individuals with Autism can benefit from a variety of Augmentative and Alternative Communicative (AAC) devices and methods. To learn more about AAC services at the Mysak Clinic, please click here.

For information regarding scheduling an evaluation or arranging therapeutic services for an individual with Autism, please click here.

Please note that the Mysak Clinic does not accept insurance, Medicaid or Medicare.  Clients who receive therapy at the Mysak Clinic are responsible for payment.  The Mysak Clinic offers a sliding fee scale for those individuals who cannot afford the full cost of therapy.

For more information about Autism, please see these helpful websites:

American Speech –Language-Hearing Association

Autism Speaks