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Grand Conversations

Grand conversations are discussions held by the entire class community. What makes grand conversations different from other forms of whole group activities is that the teacher does not direct grand conversations. Sangita allows for dialogue among students that is student directed; the children have the opportunity to critique, debate and extend upon each other’s ideas.



Sangita uses grand conversations as a method to develop a recursive relationship between community building and understanding literature. For example, the themes of literature discussed during grand conversations are purposeful in that they facilitate literature knowledge and skills acquisition, while reinforcing the beliefs of community in the classroom.


Another example of whole class dialogue in Sangita’s classroom may include community meetings. Community meetings differ from grand conversations in that the latter focuses on a specific content area (i.e. literature books) where as community meetings are discussions that focus on issue that affect the students within the classroom community or larger school context.

"Having the community is the underlying factor to help me with everything. I don't think I could have the turn and talks and grand conversations if I didn't have the community building"

View a grand conversation progress chart.