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The College Board commissioned the creation of the CollegeEd curriculum for middle school students. Its vision was to offer students, parents/guardians, and school staff with a tool to assist students to develop high educational aspirations, as well as to provide them with information that will enable them to make informed decisions about their future and chart their path towards those goals at an age when they still have time to prepare academically and financially. As part of the curriculum development plan, the College Board contracted NCREST to conduct both formative and summative evaluations of the curriculum. NCREST's evaluation research consisted of three phases. During the first phase we examined the content, organization, and pedagogical suitability of the curriculum materials for the intended student populations prior to implementation and offered suggestions to curriculum developers. Phase Two consisted of documenting the implementation process of the curriculum during the piloting stages and providing feedback to curriculum developers and implementers. Phase three of the research had a two-prong objective; we studied and documented implementation issues emerging during the nationwide, large scale roll-out of the curriculum and examined the initiative's ability to achieve its objectives of facilitating a school culture where all students were given the encouragement to pursue post-secondary educational aspirations and to make informed decisions about their future and chart their path towards those goals.

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