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CollegeEd Curriculum Evaluation

Funded by the College Entrance Examination Board, NCREST was commissioned to conduct both formative and summative evaluations of the Board's "Middle School College Awareness Curriculum" that was used with seventh grade students in a large number of schools nationally. NCREST studied the content and pedagogical suitability for the intended student population and used ten designated sites to identify aspects of the program that are most effective. In working collaboratively with the College Board program leadership and consultants who were overseeing the development of the curriculum, NCREST identified measurable and attainable objectives as well as key decision points in the life of the program where data from the evaluation could help shape future development.

Principal Researcher: Veronika Denes, Senior Researcher, NCREST, Teachers College Advisor: Betty Lou Whitford, Professor, Teachers College and Director, NCREST

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