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Early College Data Use and Professional Development Project (2007- 2010)



The Early College Data Use and Professional Development Project represents a collaboration between NCREST and Jobs for the Future (JFF). For many years, JFF led the national early college high school initiative, in partnership with 13 intermediary organizations, with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Early college high schools are designed to offer traditionally underserved students the opportunity to take a blend of high school and college courses, allowing them to graduate from high school with a year or more of college credit earned.


About the Project


The project’s purpose was to assist early and middle college high schools and partnering intermediary organizations to effectively use student performance data to: a) assess their progress toward attaining their own and the national early college initiative’s desired outcomes, and b) make data-informed decisions about school design and how to best support student learning.


There were four main activities undertaken:


  • Training sessions were offered to groups of school leaders on how to collect, analyze, report/display, and use data in making informed decisions. 
  • Action Research projects were implemented in collaboration with early college high schools associated with the Foundation for California Community Colleges. These projects focused on ways to improve students’ readiness to undertake college coursework. 
  • We developed an online Data Use Toolkit that provided resources to schools wanting to use data effectively and for those providing professional development in data use. Professional development session outlines were included for those wanting to train others. 
  • NCREST served as a resource to JFF as they worked to improve online data reporting systems. NCREST’s prior work with collecting and presenting college transcript data to school leaders provided useful insights.


For more information, contact Elisabeth Barnett at Barnett@tc.columbia.edu

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