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International Baccalaureate Quality Assurance Framework (2011)


 International Baccalaureate (IB) is a school development organization founded in 1963 that works with over 3,100 schools in 140 countries. These schools offer one or more of four rigorous, engaging IB programs to students from pre-K through high school graduation. To continuously improve their practices in the context of very rapid growth, the IB organization engaged in a series of projects to review and strengthen their core services, using external organizations as a resource. In this project, the focus was on IB’s system for the authorization and evaluation of applicants interested in becoming IB World Schools.


About the Project

 NCREST provided assistance to the International Baccalaureate organization in developing a framework to assure the fairness, equity, and quality of its school authorization and review process. NCREST drew on long experience with school review and quality assurance processes in support of this effort. To develop the framework, NCREST undertook a study of school review practices in IB and other school development organizations, conducted a review of related literature. and created a framework and related instruments for data collection.

 NCREST’s work on this project was designed to unfold in three phases, as follows: 

  • PHASE I: Information gathering—The project team gathered information on the IB authorization and evaluation process and reviewed pertinent literature on school authorization and evaluation processes. 
  • PHASE II: Development of the framework and process—The project team created a process to ensure consistent, fair, and high quality implementation of the school authorization and evaluation process along with instruments that can be used in the various stages of this process.  
  • PHASE III: Refinement of the framework and process—Following preliminary feedback from IB leaders, NCREST worked to improve the clarity and usefulness of the framework. 

A final report was written describing the recommended quality assurance process. 

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