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PAN 3 Action Research Study: Practice Area Network 3 Math DYO Assessment Initiative

New York City Department of Education Practice Area Network 3 (PAN 3) Design Your Own Assessment (DYO) in Math Research Study (2008-2010)


About the Design Your Own (DYO) Periodic Assessments

Beginning in the 2006-2007 school year, the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) instituted a Period Assessment Program, which requires schools to administer interim and formative assessments in mathematics and English Language Arts in all grades. Schools have the option to use NYCDOE-provided periodic assessments or to create and implement Design Your Own (DYO) assessments.


About this Project

NCREST collaborated with seven elementary schools in the NYCDOE Empowerment Network 3 on a Practice Area Network 3 (PAN3) research study to understand how teacher participation in the Network’s Network 3 DYO formative assessment professional learning community influences or impacts their students’ mathematical thinking. The PAN3 study examined teacher participation in the PAN3 Formative Assessment/Instruction Cycle in Math and its impact on:

a) the design, development, administration and analysis of DYO assessments in math.

b) teacher understanding of formative data on students’ mathematical thinking and their instructional implications.

c) teacher use of formative data on students’ mathematical thinking to plan math instruction.

d) teacher classroom practices in math instruction.

e) the development of third grade students’ mathematical thinking.

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