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Partnership with the New York City Chapter of Say Yes to Education (2002-2018)

NCREST has been a partner to the New York City chapter of Say Yes to Education (SYTE) since 2002. NCREST provides on-going organizational and strategic support to the chapter in areas such as professional NYC middle and high school choice and admissions process and staff recruitment, and preparation of annual reporting to the foundation’s board.

About the partner organization
Say Yes to Education is a national, non-profit education foundation committed to dramatically increasing high school and college graduation rates for our nation's inner- city youth, by promising a last-dollar college or vocational school scholarship to students upon their high school graduation. The New York City chapter of SYTE works with 384 students and their families and offers a range of services including Saturday and Summer programming with access to tutoring, enrichment opportunities, and career exploration, school-day academic support; family outreach and support; student and family social services, parent and sibling financial assistance for postsecondary education; and family access to free legal services.

Key activities
Over the years, NCREST has engaged in many different activities in support of SYTE including:

  • The development and roll out of the New York City Chapter program including serving on the initial school selection committee to (1) research potential partner elementary schools; (2) arrange visits for SYTE leaders to candidate schools; and (3) design the partner elementary school selection process.
  • Supporting the chapter’s strategic planning for programmatic improvement and effectiveness including: (1) identifying of goals/outcomes for each year; and (2) through a process of planning backwards from goals/outcomes, identifying strategies and activities to achieve the goals/outcomes.
  • Designing and implementing periodic surveys to inform chapter programming including (1) surveying of students on their academic efficacy, talents and interests, intellectual habits of mind, academic habits of work and social emotional competencies; (2) surveying of parents and guardians on middle and high school application knowledge needs.
  • Supporting the chapter’s middle school transition including (1) providing strategic planning support for organizational restructuring; (2) assisting in the drafting of description of new staff positions and responsibilities; (3) assisting in the recruitment and selection of new staff members.
  • Identifying and selecting resources within Teachers College as well as from outside vendors to provide support for SYTE staff and students.
  • Supporting chapter leadership in the development of a student monitoring system that incorporates academic, behavioral and social emotional early warning systems for students.
  • Providing strategic planning support for getting SYTE students eligible and accepted into New York City’s best middle and high schools.
  • Preparing annual reports on student progress for the Say Yes to Education board of directors.

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