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PDS Technology Integration Project

The PDS Technology Integration Project was a collaborative research and development project with four local elementary schools that were part of the District 3-Teachers College PDS School Partnership, and the Center for Technology and School Change and NCREST. As a research and development project, it had two goals:

1) Support four PDSs to develop their capacity for technology integration in classrooms, schools, teacher education, and the PDS partnership for the purpose of better enabling students to perform to high standards.

2) Document the conditions and variables that facilitate and constrain technology integration in these different venues. The purpose of our research was to contribute to the knowledge-base on and deepen our understanding of the conditions and variables that support the successful integration of technology in schools, classrooms, teacher education, and PDS partnerships so that technology is used to help students perform to high standards. The project was funded through a Technology Challenge grant awarded to the National Institute for Community Innovations (NICI).

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