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Teacher Education Case Studies

This study focused on TeachNet, a professional development network in New York City designed to support teachers' use of the Internet and other new media to enhance teaching and student learning. Directed by the Teachers Network (formerly IMPACT II), TeachNet encouraged teachers to create and transform curriculum they have used with their own students into digital form so that other teachers can have access to this work via the Internet. The project facilitated an on-line and off-line network of teacher mentors and mentees to support the curriculum work. The New York Teachnet Project brings together 35 teachers in six New York City public schools—IS 24 in Staten Island; PS 101 and Franklin K. Lane HS in Brooklyn; Murry Bergtraum and University Neighborhood High Schools in lower Manhattan; PS 88 in Queens. They are part of a national network of TeachNet project sites. The two research questions guiding the study over three years were:

1. What is the impact of the TeachNet Project and its use of the Internet on teacher learning, teaching, and teacher leadership?

2. What observable student learning outcomes can be documented in the physical and virtual classrooms of TeachNet Project teachers?

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