January 18: After-Class Interview

Groups prepared for the culminating assessment of their Shakespeare class; a short performance, written in their own words, based on a line from Othello. On the final day of class, the groups performed their creations. First, they read the line they were given and then they presented their skit. Afterwards, each group explained the connection between their performance and the line. Once every group performed, Travis asked the students to reflect on the purpose and value of their culminating activity. Travis then reviewed for the final test and essay.
Travis Interview

Slow Connection (56k)

Fast Connection (384k)

(00:00) Travis reflects on the students' performances and what they got out of it.

"At the end of the day, they realized the purpose of this, and they made their own connections, and that's what I asked them to do."

(6:04) Travis talks about the final essay they turned in.

"I asked them what themes do they see in the play.   And they came up with the themes, and I said "how do you see these themes through the actions, through these words..."  

(8:00) Travis reflects on the Othello unit overall and how it compares to the previous year.

(11:06) Travis talks about the resources that helped him get into the text and go beyond the literal level.