Terry Judson One Project Focus on 3 Students StandardsResources

Terry Judson: 9th & 10th Grade
Global Studies,
Queens, NY

Unit: Religion

Project: Powerpoint Presentations

Project Outline

Project Description

Teacher Reflections

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This website illustrates one teacher's efforts to help 9th and 10th grade students develop mastery of the English language within the context of a Global Studies class. It documents the work of Terry Judson, a teacher in his 12th year of teaching at a public school in Queens, NY. This site shows how Judson structures a Power Point project on the beliefs of various world religions that serves as the culmination of a unit on Religion, documents the work of four students, and illustrates how Judson strives to meet the demands of State Standards and the NY Regents test within a project-based curriculum.

The school’s approach to language instruction

The Religion unit and power point project reflect the school’s emphasis on language development and Judson’s efforts to motivate and support students in learning English. "Instead of studying small pieces of the language (for example, 'first we're going to teach you present tense, then we're going to teach you past tense'), students get immersed in the language and use it as a whole" says Judson. Judson uses both heterogeneous and homogeneous language and ability grouping, according to the type of project the class is doing. For example, if the class is doing a native language project, he will group students with their respective native languages. But, as in this unit, he prefers to use heterogeneous groups, exposing students to a range of cultures, languages, ages and abilities. He takes account of factors such as extrovertedness, balancing more talkative and shy students throughout the groups.

Challenges and opportunities

The site documents the challenges and opportunities that come when trying to respond to the multiple demands of addressing students’ diverse language and learning abilities and needs, orchestrating student-centered learning, preparing students for the Regents test, and fostering deeper understanding of key issues and ideas in Global Studies. (click on links to view video clips)

About this website : This website has been created for the purpose of exploring the practice of teaching. It has grown out of work that Thomas Hatch and colleagues started with the Knowledge Media Lab at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, and is being continued at NCREST, The National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools and Teaching, based at Teachers College, Columbia University.