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Teachers College, Columbia University
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Neurocognition of Language Lab


Recent Presentations / Events / Media

Learning World: Stories From Around the World -- Brainwaves

At the Teachers College of Columbia University in New York, scientists study the electrical activity of the brain in order to understand how people learn to read, to problem solve and to learn new languages. Why is it harder for non-native speakers to acquire a new language? What happens with the brain when you learn and how do learning disorders affect your brain activity?

Teachers College: The Next Generation

Teachers College stands tall as the oldest and largest school of education in the country, consistently ranked as one of the top education research institutions in the world. Often recognized for our ongoing cutting-edge research on learning, we are on the verge of major breakthroughs in cognitive science, neuroscience, and technology that will transform education and learning as we know it and the policy that guides us. As the only school of education with faculty and students collaborating across multiple disciplines under one set of gabled roofs, TC is leading this great transformation through the development of new curricula, new technologies, and new ways of preparing educators, leaders and policy makers. Join us for this special presentation that will spotlight just a handful of our faculty who are leading the way.

  • Susan Fuhrman (PhD '77), President of Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Christopher Emdin, Assistant Professor of Science Education;
  • Karen Froud, Associate Professor of Speech & Language Pathology and Director, Neurocognition of Language Lab;
  • Joey J. Lee, Assistant Professor of Technology and Education;
  • Lisa Miller, Professor of Psychology and Education and Director of Clinical Psychology