Biobehavioral and movement based studies of children with and without disabilities

Completed Pediatrics Projects

Idea to Goals

This project is being conducted in collaboration with Agnes McConlogue, Clinical Associate Professor at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY.  The purpose of this study is to address the following questions: If school-based physical therapists are given training on utilizing a unique, collaborative goal setting methodology, and support throughout the school year to create and monitor progress of set goals, will there be improvements in the abilities of therapists to: 1) create goals that meet the standards of best practice, and 2) influence intervention choices for improved outcomes and collaborate with school staff and families in order to improve options for carryover and subsequent improved goal-mastery?

The investigators provide training to participating therapists on the utilization of a  goal setting methodology that focuses on creating goals that are collaborative, meaningful, relevant and measurable. The program spans over the school year and includes: one-day training on goal setting methodology; three phone calls to provide mentorship regarding goal setting/progression; pre/post survey on therapists’ perceptions regarding goal setting and practical use of goal setting methodology. The participants will provide examples of goals prior to the one-day training and again at the end of the school year, analyzed utilizing a grading rubric created by the investigators.

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