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TC at AERA 2011

This year's annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), taking place in New Orleans this week and themed "Inciting the Social Imagination: Education Research for the Public Good," includes the participation of nearly 175 TC faculty and students.  Highlights of TC's presence at AERA this year include:

  • David Hansen, Professor of Philosophy and Education; Henry Levin, William H Kilpatrick Professor of Economics & Education, and Anna Neumann, Professor of Higher Education are named 2011 AERA Fellows, a designation reserved for the "most eminent and influential senior scholars whose research and scholarly productivity make them exemplars for the field of education and models for the next generation of researchers";

  • Mariana Souto-Manning, Associate Professor of Education in the Curriculum & Teaching Department, is receiving the 2011 AERA Award for Innovations in Research on Diversity. Her research was cited for its "impact, relevance to diversity, and contribution to teacher education" and for adding "exemplary innovations in research on diversity";

  • Maria Torres-Guzman, Professor of Bilingual Education, is receiving the 2011 AERA Bilingual Education SIG Lifetime Achievement Award for her "long-standing excellence in scholarship related to bilingual education";

  • TC's EdLab Team is participating in seven presentations on the use of technology and media in education. TC Professor of Social Studies Margaret S. Crocco (with Ching-Fu Lan, Hui Soo Chae, Ting Yuan, Gary Natriello) is presenting "Teaching the Levees in Secondary Social Studies Classrooms: An Evaluation of Documentary-Based Curriculum in Practice," which investigates the use of the groundbreaking documentary-based curriculum, "Teaching the Levees";

  • The Community College Research Center (CCRC) is presenting 10 papers dealing with the community college population, at-risk youth issues, college-preparation programs, and student supports. Thomas Bailey, George and Abby O'Neill Professor of Economics and Education and Director of CCRC, is presenting "Measuring Student Success";

  • Christopher Emdin, Assistant Professor of Science Education, is presenting "Hip-Hop and Urban Science Education: The Cypher and the Battle," which develops an approach to pedagogy for science education among urban youth;

  • Elisabeth A. Barnett, Senior Research Associate, is presenting on behalf of TC's National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools and Teaching (NCREST), a paper entitled, "Key Experiences That Predict Success in College Among Students in Middle-Early College High
    Schools"; and

  • John Black, Professor of Cleveland E. Dodge Professor of Telecommunications and Education, is presenting "Incorporating Haptic Feedback in Simulation for Learning Physics," a study that examines how embodied cognition theory can be applied to an educational context to improve abstract concept learning in physics.

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