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June 2014

News You Can Use: June 2014


Teachers College Community School is showing its students what's possible -- and the nation, too
At a national gathering held at TC, President Fuhrman and Nancy Streim spoke about why universities make natural partners for K-12 public schools
NYC Schools Chancellor Carmen Faria delivers the Phyllis L. Kossoff Lecture on Education Policy at TC's signature homecoming event.
Edweek reports that Lin's study found that learning about the struggles of famous scientists improves students' science learning.
The STEM Teaching Fellowship will train teachers to integrate STEM disciplines into classroom instruction.
In an interview with Michel Martin, Professor Sue says casual, everyday questions and comments can reveal unconscious biases.
An idol to educators and a touchstone for generations at the College
In a Newsday opinion piece, Amy Stuart Wells and Douglas Ready offer lessons from their recent study of segregated schools and communities in Nassau County.
The rollout of MOOCs, or massive open online courses, three years ago by some of the country's leading universities triggered predictions that bricks-and-mortar campuses would soon be obsolete and that learning would be forever changed.
Sixty years after Brown v. Board of Education, separate and unequal is alive and well in suburbia
The assistant professor of economics and education co-authored an opinion piece for CNN debunking reports that parent involvement adds little to student achievement.

A noted Africanist who studied the making of black elites, he helped refute a Eurocentric view of colonized peoples

Course content at TC is changing in response to female and LGBTQ students who ask, -'Where's the stuff about me?'

TC broadens its involvement with the world’s fifth-largest nation

Andy Gordon created a therapy for children with cerebral palsy that draws on their strengths. Now he’s showing how it works in the brain.

Study Co-authored by TC's Ciccolo Finds Older Adults Benefit From Strength Training