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Access and Services for Individuals with Disabilities

The Office of

Register with OASID


Registration Form

Click on the Registration Form above to start the process.


Registration Process

Submit Medical Documentation (under Upload Supporting Documents)

  • Clinical/medical documentation should include: 
    • The nature of the diagnosis
    • How the assessment of the diagnosis was done (e.g., battery of tests administered) 
    • An assessment of the level of impact that the disability has on function
    • Whether your condition is permanent/stable and the recommended timeframe for reassessment
    • Professional recommendation for accommodations

Complete the Emergency Response Notification Form via the instructions below:

    1. Visit the Accommodation Portal
    2. Sign in with TC credentials
    3. Click Surveys 
    4. Click Respond
    5. Complete the Emergency Response Notification Form

Once the application and documents have been submitted, a staff member will contact you to schedule an intake appointment to review forms and documentation and to discuss what accommodations your documentation supports.


Uploading Documentation 

To upload documentation after your application is submitted:

  • Visit the Accommodation Portal
  • Sign in with your TC credentials
  • Click Documents
  • Click Approved Documents
  • Click Add New
  • Upload documentation