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Office of Sponsored Programs

Submissions Via Quickstart:

  1. Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.  ALL TC Computers and most browsers have it preinstalled.  The older PureEdge software has been phased out and no longer needs to be installed.
  2. Find and Download an Application Package via a Keyword Search on by following the link within a funding announcement. Save the application to your computer.
  3. Review the application package carefully.  The new forms often require new, substantive content that can be time consuming.  Discovering this new content late in the application process can throw off your timetable. 
  4. Fill out each form within the package listed under “Required Documents.”  You only need to fill out fields highlighted in YELLOW.
  5. Most of the institutional information you need to fill out the forms can be found under “Institutional Information” on this website.  Your SPA can help you prepare forms, convert documents to PDF format, and develop your budget provided you contact them at least 2 weeks prior to your deadline. 
  6. Unlike other online grant proposal systems you may have used in the past, a GRANTS.GOV application is stored on your computer rather than on a website.  That means not just anyone can go on and edit the proposal.  Emailing the proposal back and forth can cause confusion over which version is the most recent one, so we recommend that a single point of contact be established to gather information from collaborators and assemble the proposal.
  7. proposals are due at no later than 5 pm, sponsors will occasionally state 4:30 as the deadline time.  In order to meet that deadline and correct any errors that the system may detect after submission, OSP needs to have an approved budget and completed routing sheet, along with your complete proposal, including the project narrative and all appendices ready for submission by 12 noon the day prior to the due date.  This means that we will need to have the pieces required for routing the proposal at least three days before the sponsor due date for routing.

      As always, in order to route the proposal we need the following:

        • Completed routing sheet signed by PI and Dept. Chair/Center Director
        • Proposal Abstract/Summary
        • Budget
        • Budget Narrative

Completion of the routing sheet and budget review typically takes 2-3 days once it reaches OSP. OSP cannot submit proposals via that do not meet these internal deadlines.