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Office of Student Affairs

Teachers College, Columbia University

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Grants, Fellowships & Awards

Teachers College students are invited to apply to the following grants, fellowships and awards, administered by the Office of Student Affairs. All applications are accessed via the myTC Portal and are described in detail below. Please note that full-time employees of the College are not eligible to apply for OSA administered grants, fellowships and/or awards. Questions? Contact

Provost’s Grant for Professional Development

The Provost’s Grant for Professional Development offers funding opportunities for eligible Teachers College Master's and Doctoral students who are presenting at an academic conference. The awards are exclusively to help students defray some of the travel and hospitality costs to present at an academic conference. The student’s presentation may be in any format (i.e., workshop, lecture, panel, poster session, etc.) and may be proposed on his/her own or with others (i.e., other students, faculty, etc.). Please read the following information carefully to learn more about eligibility, funding, deadlines, and selection.

All applicants must be currently enrolled students in a degree-granting program (Master's or Doctoral) at Teachers College, Columbia University.  Students are only eligible for one award per academic year (September to August), and all funding received must be used for the purposes of participating in the conference described in the application.  Students may apply for the award at presentation proposal or at acceptance.  If the award is applied for at proposal, confirmation of acceptance will be requested prior to disbursement of the award.  Because students often do not register for a conference until they have found out if their proposal for presentation has been accepted, students are not required to be registered for the conference to be able to apply for this award.

The number of grants awarded during each round of applications varies based on available funding.  Each grant carries a maximum stipend of $500 and will be awarded at the discretion of the Office of the Vice Provost at Teachers College. 

Applications are reviewed within the following rounds, and are subject to a specific deadline, dependent on the conference date.

  • For conferences held between October 1 and November 30, the deadline to apply is October 1.
  • For conferences held between December 1 and January 31, the deadline to apply is December 1.
  • For conferences held between February 1 and March 31, the deadline to apply is February 1.
  • For conferences held between April 1 and May 31, the deadline to apply is April 1.
  • For conferences held between June 1 and September 30, the deadline to apply is June 1.

Applications do not "roll over" from one round to the next.  However, the same application can be submitted for a subsequent round as long as the application deadline date is prior to the conference date(s).  Students may submit multiple applications at the same time as long as each is for a separate conference presentation (i.e., two separate applications representing two separate proposals to present at the same conference is permissible). Students may also submit multiple applications for the same proposal but at different conferences (i.e., two separate applications representing the same proposed presentation for two different conferences). 

To be considered for a Professional Development Grant, students must submit the following online application.  All applications will be reviewed following the deadline for each round, and applicants will be notified of the decision within one month following the deadline for which the application was submitted (e.g., students who submit an application for the February deadline will be notified of the decision by March 1st). Decisions will be sent to students via Teachers College email.  Applicants should be mindful of these dates relative to the conference for which they wish to receive funding and plan their applications accordingly. 

The application is accessible via the myTC Portal within the “Research” section. As a reminder, full-time employees of the College are not eligible to receive funding from the Office of Student Affairs.

Application Components

Student Information

  • Applicant’s Name, TC ID Number, Email Address, Department, Program, Degree, and Mailing Address

Conference Information

  • Conference Name, Location, Start Date and End Date
  • Brief Description of Conference
  • Documentation of Selected/Submitted Conference Participation (uploaded document)
  • Approximate Funding Requested
  • Proposed Budget

Presentation, Poster, or Panel Information

  • Presentation, Poster, or Panel Name
  • Abstract of Presentation
  • Faculty Participation (if applicable)

Dean's Grant for Student Research

Teachers College continues its tradition of supporting student* research through the Dean’s Grant for Student Research. Awards of up to $2,000 will be made to students who submit the strongest proposals for research that has educational implications for the field and for the academic program at Teachers College. The number of grants given is dependent upon annual funding. In past years, between five and eight grants have been awarded.

Matriculated Teachers College students (MA, MS, Ed.M., Ed.D., or Ph.D.) are eligible to apply for the Dean's Grant. 

Students may apply for grants of up to $2,000 for the research period of the current academic year, beginning September 1, 2017 and ending August 31, 2018.  

Previous applicants who were not awarded may reapply.  

Past award recipients may apply again, but must submit a different research proposal or project.  

Students may apply as a group under one proposal, but the maximum budget remains at $2,000.

Deadline to Apply
Completed applications must be received by 5:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) on November 15thwithout exception via the myTC Portal. No paper copies will be accepted. 

Academic Festival: Poster Session
Awarded recipients are urged to present the results of their research at the annual Teachers College Academic Festival poster session held in April. Participation in the poster session is not mandatory but is highly encouraged.  Additional information will be provided in the Spring semester. 

The Dean’s Grant for Student Research application is accessible via the myTC Portal within the “Research” tab. See the “Student Grant Applications” section.

Important Note: The information entered into this application will not be saved until you click the “Save and Next” button on each page.  Once a page is saved you will be able to return to it and edit as desired.  There are no options on this form for bold, italic, and underline formatting. 

Application Components

Proposals should be concise and closely follow the instructions included on the online application. There is a 2,750 character limit in each section of the application.

  • Student Information (name, department, T number)
  • Faculty Recommendations (You will submit the name and UNI of one faculty reference, who must be a member of the Teachers College professorial or instructional staff.  Advisors may be asked to serve as a reference as long as he or she also teaches a course at Teachers College.  The recommender will receive an automated email and will be prompted to submit their recommendations online) 
  • Abstract (summary of your research)
  • Problem or Topic & Rationale (explanation of the significance of your project)
  • Theoretical/Conceptual Framework (What previous research and theories have informed your research?)
  • Detailed Plan (research questions, instruments and measures to be used, subject selection, data collection and analysis)
  • Detailed Time Schedule for Planned Work  (thorough and concise overview of your research timeline)
  • Indication of Academic Progress to This Point (How many credits have you completed so far?  Is the project approved by the department?  Is the pilot study completed?)
  • Anticipated Results (brief description of the anticipated results of your study)
  • Implications for Practice (What implications might your findings have?)
  • Proposed Budget (A detailed description and breakdown of your budget request, not to exceed $2,000.  Funds may not be used for  the purchase of major equipment (i.e., video cameras, laptops, etc.), as it is considered to be University property.  Accommodations may be considered if “equipment” is required and utilized for study purposes and gifted as an incentive to participants upon completion of study (e.g., fitbits to monitor physical activity). Moreover, funds may not be used towards tuition, for the purchase of software that is available to students through University licensing, to pay another student/researcher, to reimburse past expenses, for travel expenses not specifically for the purpose of data collection (i.e., rent assistance, hotel/lodging accommodation, etc.), or cost of living  
  • Résumé or Curriculum Vita (Word or PDF document of current résumé or CV to be uploaded directly to application) 
  • Additional Information (optional - any additional information that you would like the reviewers to be aware of in support of your application)


Q:  What if I’m graduating in February, am I still able to apply?

A:  In order to be awarded, students must be actively registered. Unfortunately, partial awards are not available at this time. Therefore, if you are finishing your course work in December (i.e., graduating in February), and subsequently not registered for the following academic term, you would not be eligible to receive the award.  


Q: May I request to use more than 2,750 characters for certain sections of the application?

A: Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications we receive, we must adhere to the 2,750 character limit per section for all applicants (characters includethe use of spaces and punctuation marks).  Please find this link to thecharacter counter website useful in adhering to application parameters.


Q: May I submit an application after the deadline?

A: Out of fairness to all applicants, all application submissions must be submitted by the deadline, without exception.


Q: Do you require that references be cited in the proposal?

A: No, you are not required to include references.


Q: When must recommenders have submitted his/her recommendations?

A: The application must be completed in full on the date indicated, including all recommendations.  The online application system closes for submissions at the date and time indicated on the application.


Q: Can I go back to my application and edit it after I have submitted it online?

A: Yes, you may continue to revisit and revise your application, even after you have submitted it, up until the deadline listed above.  Once the deadline has passed, the application system will close and no further changes may be made.


Q: Am I able to apply for this award in addition to Research Dissertation Fellowship?

A: Yes, you are encouraged to apply to both as long as you are an actively registered doctoral student.  The review committees for both awards, the Dean’s Grant and the Research Dissertation Fellowship are the same; therefore, please be mindful that the applications are different for each grant, thus, it is advised that you carefully and thoroughly complete each section.