New York State Education Department and Certification

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Teacher Education at Teachers College

Teacher Education at Teachers College

New York State Education Department and Certification

In order to hold a teaching or administrative position in New York State, a candidate must be certified by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) as having met the education, examination, and experience requirements necessary to teach a particular subject at the prescribed grade level.

In New York City, candidates are also required to hold a license, issued by the NYC Department of Education. Certification ensures that all teachers in New York State are being held to a high standard; that they have been adequately prepared, are competent, and have had the proper experience required for the position.

Teachers College aims to prepare candidates for a career in Education or Administration and Pupil Personnel Services. Our programs are designed to give our candidates the coursework needed to meet the certification requirements as set forth by the New York State Education Department.

Candidates are encouraged to visit the Office of Teaching Initiatives website frequently to keep themselves abreast of all updates in regulations.

Teachers College programs were re-registered with NYS in 2003-2004, and tailored to meet current NYS standards, effective 2/2/2004. Completion of a state-registered program means that candidates have met at least the minimum education requirements for a NYS certificate in that particular area. On the NYSED website Search Certification Requirements page, this is referred to as the Approved Teacher Preparation Pathway.



Our office is ready to help you with certification questions, so be sure to attend our "Ins and Outs of Teacher Certification" sessions or set up a meeting with our Teacher Certification Officers.

The Office of Career Services maintains job listings that you will want to review. They also offer workshops to help you develop an informative and appealing resume, acquire additional certification information, and hone your interviewing skills.

Career Services also hosts numerous job fairs which give you the opportunity to speak with recruitment personnel from both public and private schools in NY and elsewhere.

Remember to talk to faculty who also receive numerous job announcements and know much about schools in the area. Be sure to plan ahead as you consider recommendation letters.


FYI  - NYSED - Types of Certificates

  • The New York State Education Department (NYSED) TEACH online system should be used to verify certification status.
  • Click HERE for more information regarding types of certificates.
  • New Exams for Teacher and School Building Leader Certification Released in 2012.
    Click HERE for more information.
  • The availability of the "Individual Evaluation Pathway" to certification has been extended since May 1, 2014 for certain certificates title/grades level.
    Click HERE for more information.
  • Students in an education program leading to Initial or Professional Teacher certification program completion at Teachers College, Columbia University, are eligible for NYS- teacher certification recommendation, upon satisfactory completion of all NYSED requirements listed below:

    • NYSED “General Core Liberal Arts and Sciences” Pre-requisites (see below)--Contact OTE via email:
      • Pre-K & Elementary Level: 6 credits (each) in:
        • Math (courses taken under “MATH” Dept. ONLY)
        • Science (courses taken under “SCIENCE” Dept. ONLY)
        • English
        • History
        • Foreign Language (NOTE: 3 cr required ONLY)

      • Secondary Level & Special Subjects: 3 credits (each) in:
      • Math (courses taken under “MATH” Dept. ONLY)
      • Science (courses taken under “SCIENCE” Dept. ONLY)
      • English
      • History
      • Foreign Language
      • NOTE: TESOL ONLY-total Foreign Language = 12 cr

    • NYSEDContent Core” requirement 30 credits (Contact your academic program)

      • Pre-K & Elementary Level
        • Liberal Arts & Science- 30 credits

      • Secondary subject area or Special subjects: (related to that teaching certificate subject area)
        • (i.e. Math, Biology, English, Music, Art, etc)- 30 credits


NYSED required workshops: