Programs Leading to Certification

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Teacher Education at Teachers College

Teacher Education at Teachers College

Programs Leading to Certification

Teachers College offers many certification programs. Each program has its own requirements and restrictions which candidates have to meet in order to be eligible for the certificate. If a candidate is not a participant in the specified program or has not satisfied the requirements of the program, then the candidate will not be recommended for certification under the guidelines of that program. The programs, their requirements and restrictions are listed below:


NYSTCE (New York State Teacher Certification Examination):
Applicants for New York State teacher certification (a/o May 1, 2014) are required to take/pass the applicable NYSTCE listed below:





INTIAL Teaching

Educating All Students Test (EAS)
Content Specialty Tests (CST)

INITIAL School Building Leader



PROFESSIONAL-School Disctrict Leader


Revised (Sept. 2013) School Building Leader Assessment (SBL)
Educating All Students Test (EAS)


Revised (Sept. 2013) School District Leader (SDL)

Educating All Students Test (EAS)


  • Test preparation guides are available (for current Teachers College students ONLY) in Zankel Building Room # 411 
  • Exams are given on a daily basis
  • For sample test questions and further information, go to



Completion of New York certification requirements and Teachers College programs does not automatically translate into certification or licensure in other states.

If you plan on seeking certification outside of New York State,it will be to your advantage to investigate certification requirements for that state. While there is reciprocity betweenNew York and many other states, there may be additional courses and exams required by the state where you seek certification. In most states, applicants may be issued a temporary license for one to two years, during which additional requirements must be completed.

More information can be found by contacting the State Department of Education or visiting the website of the state in which you are interested.  

Please note, individual state requirements and contact information are subject to change.  

For information regarding interstate agreement for Applicants from Other States, please click here.
For Information regarding the Department of Educationin other states, kindly follow the links provided.


The Approved Teacher Preparation Program as referred to on the certification requirements page of the Office of Teaching Initiatives website, refers to all registered and approved education programs within the institution.  Each approved teacher preparation program at Teachers College has been registered with and approved by the New York State Education Department as meeting the requirements for NYS certification in their respective areas.

Candidates may only be recommended for a certificate in the subject area and grade level of the program they have completed at that institution.  Graduate programs may lead to either Initial or Professional certification, depending on several factors including but not limited to, current certification status, requirements previously met, and years of full-time paid teaching experience.

Our programs have been designed to meet not only the coursework requirements for the certificate, but also the Student Teaching experience requirement, and the reporting of 3 NYSED mandated workshops training requirementsChild Abuse Identification & Reporting ,School Violence Prevention & Intervention, and Dignity for All Students Act . Completion of these programs, therefore, makes the candidate eligible for a NYS certificate in that subject area, pending satisfaction of the New York State Teachers Certification Exams - NYSTCE, fingerprinting, and experience requirements. Candidates are expected to complete the programs as outlined in their program planning sheets.

Any deviation from your academic coursetrack must be approved and documented by your academic program advisor. Some deviations, such as not completing student teaching, below a B- on any NYSED required subject/coursework may allow a candidate to graduate but void their eligibility for an Institutional Recommendation.

The admissions and completion requirements for these programs are listed on their program planning sheets, which are distributed to each candidate upon admission to the program. Programs requirements are also listed in the college bulletins which are available in the Office of Admission.

Candidates are highly encouraged to meet with their advisor to make certain that they are on a certification track and are fulfilling all of the approved teacher preparation program requirements.


NOTE: NYSED acceptable grades policy is listed below:

Content Core - Only courses with a grade of C or above for undergraduate level, and B- or above for graduate level courses are acceptable toward meeting content core requirements.

Pedagogical Core - Only courses with a grade of C or above for undergraduate level, and B- or above for graduate level courses are acceptable toward meeting pedagogical core requirements. 

General Core in Liberal Arts & Sciences- The minimum grade requirement does not apply to coursework to satisfy the general core requirements, except where specified in certain coursework requirement descriptions.

You can also find this information by visiting the below NYSED website:



The Alternative Teacher Certification Program for the Peace Corps Fellows is an alternative route to New York State certification.  Peace Corps Fellows admitted into a Master's degree program are required to complete the program as outlined on their program planning sheet, distributed to them upon admission to the program.  Completion of the program leads to an INITIAL certificate type.  Upon satisfactory completion of at least 3 years of teaching experience requirement, candidates must apply/pay for their NYS-PROFESSIONAL certificate type, prior to the expiration of the INITIAL certificate type.

Candidates in the Peace Corps Fellows program are issued a Transitional B certificate at the commencement of their program, upon completion of a prescribed pre-service component, which enables them to teach in the classroom while completing the master degree.

The NYS-Transitional B certificate is valid for maximum of 3 years, while the candidate is matriculated in an alternative program.  Candidates are expected to complete the approved teacher preparation program and degree conferral prior to being recommended for a NYS-INITIAL certificate type. Candidates are required to complete the Institutional Recommendation Data Form (IRDF) and submit it back to the OTE soo that an INITIAL certificate type institutional recommendation is endorsed to the NYSED.  Cadidates must also login to their NYSED-TEACH online system and apply/pay for their INITIAL teaching certificate(s) type.  The Initial certificate is valid for 5 years, with the same effective begin date as the Transitional B. In effect, the NYS-Initial Certificate would extend the candidate's eligibility to teach for 2 years beyond the Transitional B certificate.

NYSED Trans-B Description - CLICK HERE 

Fellows MUST apply for their certificates via Institutional Recommendation. The NYSED will reject any application for Individual Transcript Evaluation submitted by a Fellow as long as the Transitional B certificate remains valid. Peace Corps Fellows are held to stringent State standards, and are required to complete the Child Abuse and Maltreatment and School Violence Prevention seminars and dignity for all students act (Child Abuse Identification& Reporting, School Violence Prevention & Intervention, Dignity for All Students Act), as well as receive fingerprint clearance before entering the classroom. The Peace Corps Fellowsprogram consists of 200 hours of pre service preparation, assignment to a teaching position, and continued coursework leading to a Master's degree. Fellows are supported by their Department’s mentors, school site coaches, and monthly school site visits.


The NYS-Internship Teaching Certificate as described by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) is a certificate issued to candidates admitted to a NYS-approved graduate teacher education program, permitting the holder to serve an internship in a public school. The NYS-Internship certificate is issued by the NYSED at the request of the college or university, provided that the student has completed at least 50% of the program's requirement.

Candidates to be recommended for a NYSED-Internship Certificate must already be admitted into a graduate approved teacher preparation program leading to NYS-INITIAL certification. Such candidates would either be currently employed by the New York City Department of Education or have a written offer for a public school teaching position.  Candidates must also have completed the NYSED 3 mandated workshops: (Child Abuse Identification& Reporting, School Violence Prevention & Intervention, Dignity for All Students Act), and have received NYS fingerprint clearance.

To qualify for a NYS-Internship Teaching Certificate institutional recommendation, candidates are required to provide, to the OTE Certification Officer, a letter of support from their academic program advisor (indicating the satisfactory completion of at least 50% of the required coursework), along with a signed letter of nomination (on public school's letterhead) from the hiring public school principal, and a completed IRDF.  Candidates must also apply/pay, via the NYSED-TEACh online system for their electronic internship certificate.

Once it has been confirmed that the candidate has satisfied at least 50% of all of the requirements of the program, the OTE Certification Officer will notify the candidate of having processed the electronic recommendation for the internship certificate requested, and will provide the candidate with a letter to that effect.


The Internship certificate is valid for two years. The certificate may not be renewed, reissued, or extended. Candidates are expected to complete the program and fulfill the remaining requirements for an Initial Certificate within the two-year period.