Activities Of The Office

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The Office Of The Ombuds

Activities Of The Office

The Ombuds:

  • Listens to concerns and clarifies the issues in a situation or a problem.
  • Gathers information about the source and conditions of a problem, provides information about other resources for help or makes referrals when necessary.
  • Evaluates a range of solutions and options with the visitor.
  • Offers coaching in how to solve a problem.
  • Provides needed information about relevant Teachers College policies and practices.
  • Creates avenues for communication among those involved in solving a problem, including setting up meetings when necessary.
  • Facilitates a collaboration of the parties involved in finding or mediating a solution.
  • Identifies issues and trends in problems and concerns common to those seeking help for the consideration of the College community as whole.

The Ombuds does not:

  • Make binding decisions on finding of fact.
  • Mandate policies for Teachers College.
  • Act as an agent of the College.
  • Offer legal advice.
  • Provide psychological counseling.