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Trusted Resources

Lumen Prep

311 West 43rd Street 
New York, NY 10036
United States

T: 347-641-9285 

Lumen Prep is a great resource for students looking to get test accommodations. Lumen Prep has always gotten its clients accommodations - it has a 100% success rate, and guarantees it will get you accommodations too. Lumen Prep is the only comprehensive service that guides you through the accommodations process. They also provide psychological testing and work with doctors and lawyers to ensure you get testing accommodations. 

They have gotten test-takers up to and including triple time over two days in the form of ACT accommodations, SAT accommodations, LSAT accommodations, GMAT accommodations, GRE accommodations, and MCAT accommodations. They also assist students in getting extra time on tests and assignments in the form of high school accommodations, graduate school accommodations, and work accommodations.

The amazing part is that as an accommodated test-taker, your score won't be annotated, so the schools you apply to will never know you got accommodations. Also, test accommodations typically result in a huge score increase, so there's all the more reason to apply for accommodations.

Lumen Prep employs graduates of Columbia University, Harvard Law, Princeton, Tufts, and Hunter College. they are also available to help with application review, resumes, personal statements, letters of recommendation (who to ask and what they should say), and test prep advice. Lumen Prep also dedicates time to serving pro bono matters - specifically underprivileged disabled people. 

Lumen Prep also provides free, 30-minute phone consultations.