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Adult Learning and Leadership

Department of Organization & Leadership

Which Program is Right for You?

The four programs in Adult Learning and Leadership—the M.A. program, the Ed.M. program, the Ed.D. program, and the Ed.D., AEGIS program—all share a common grounding in the adherence to a scholar-practitioner model and to a belief in the importance of examining and understanding  adult education, organizational learning, and leadership issues from multiple contexts and perspectives. The programs are, however, designed for different constituencies of students.  For those newer to the field or transitioning in from another discipline or career, the M.A. program is likely to be the program to which this student is best suited. The 45-point M.A. program is most appropriate for educators who are involved in the design, management, and delivery of learning. The 60-point Ed.M. and 90-point Ed.D. options are appropriate for professionals who are involved in policy development, strategy, change management, and systems-level learning.


ProgramApplicant's ExperienceCurriculum FocusNo. of CreditsFull/
StructureYears to Complete
M.A. At least 2 years of professional
experience preferred.
Broad exposure to the field of adult learning and leadership. 45 FT or PT Semesters Approximately
2 years
(if full-time)
Ed.M. Interest in adult learning theory, research,
and skills as supplement to current practice and credentials in other professional fields.
Relationship of adult learning to organizational, management and leadership issues. 60 FT or PT Semesters Approximately
2.5 years
(if full-time)
Ed.D. Interest in specializing in theory, research
and skills relevant to professional or academic work focused on leading, facilitating, monitoring/evaluating, managing and/or educating adults in different institutional, organizational or community settings.
Emphasizes leadership for adult education and organizational learning 90 FT or PT Semesters Approximately
5-7 years
Ed.D. (AEGIS) Interest in strategic and leadership roles focused on adult learning and development; designed for mid-career executives with at least 5 years of professional experience as adult developer/educator Emphasizes leadership for adult education and organizational learning. 90
(51 at TC plus 39 Transfer)
PT Cohort Coursework
completed in
2 years.
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