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What's Happening

Sultana Mustafa (ALL, Ed.D. candidate): Congratulations to Sultana Mustafa who was recently selected for the Doctoral Dissertation Grant (DDG) stipend award for 2014-2015 for her dissertation research in the Adult Learning and Leadership program!

Mariana Vergara (AEGIS, Ed.D. candidate): Congratulations to Mariana Vergara who, along with her mentor, Dr. Lyle Yorks, was recently awarded the Vice President's Grant for Diversity and Community Initiatives at Teachers College, and created the Mindfulness into Action Initiative. This initiative starts from the insight that many personal and societal issues occur due to people being unaware of their taken-for-granted assumptions at a subconscious level.  Operating on a reactive state has various drawbacks.  In this state, decisions made are less effective because they do not address the root cause of the problem. By using Action Inquiry, Collaborative Inquiry, and the application of Indigenous knowledge practices, Mindfulness into Action helps participants to become more present and aware.  As a result, people are able to tap into various faculties of their conscious mind that are normally inaccessible when a person is in a purely reactive state.  Thus, with greater clarity, people can make better decisions for themselves, their families, and society at large.  In 2014, Mariana will go to Norway as a visiting scholar at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology where she will continue with the Mindfulness into Action Initiative with college students.  For more info about this initiative please visit: Vice President's Grant for Diversity and Community Initiatives. Mariana recently presented her work at the TEDx Teachers College Conference. You can watch her presentation here.

Douglas M. Scherer (AEGIS, Ed.D.  '10): Congratulations to Douglas M. Scherer, who recently published an article and book chapter entitled "Using Reflective Learning in Information Technology Crisis Resolution," in Contemporary Perspectives on Technological Innovations, Management, and Policy, Volume 2, pp. 231–254. You can learn more about Dr. Scherer and his podcast, with its emphasis on authentic, sustainable and socially conscious leadership--where he welcomes discussion on these topics--at http://www.voicesofthecliff.com/.


Michellana Y. Jester (AEGIS, Ed.D. alumna) is currently serving as the Director of MIT Sloan School of Management's Action Learning Program. You can watch a recently released video overview of the program and Dr. Jester's work here.




Ramona Sharpe (AEGIS, Ed.D. candidate): Congratulations to Ramona Sharpe who was selected to receive a 2013 AAACE (American Association for Adult and Continuing Education) Graduate Students Registration Fee Scholarship Award for the 62nd Annual Conference in Lexington, Kentucky (November 5-8, 2013). Ramona will be presenting as part of the diversity divas, which includes Connie Watson (AEGIS, Ed.D. candidate), Naya Mondo (AEGIS, Ed.D. candidate),Maria Liu Wong (AEGIS, Ed.D. candidate), Rosie Williams (AEGIS, Ed.D. candidate) and Aimee Tiu Wu (AEGIS, Ed.D. alum). In addition, Rosie Williams, Aimee Tiu Wu, Rita Kenahan (AEGIS, Ed.D. candidate),Chad Hoggan (AEGIS, Ed.D. alum), and Aliki Nicolaides (ALL, Ed.D. alum) will each be presenting individually.

‌Julia Sloan (ALL, Ed.D. Alum): Congratulations to Julia Sloan, who recently released the second edition of her book, Learning to Think Strategically, with Routledge. Dr. Julia Sloan is a global executive development consultant working with leading international corporations, government institutions, and international agencies operating markets in North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. She teaches strategic thinking at Columbia University, where her research interests include strategic thinking in relation to learning theory and social-cultural theory. You can review her press release here.





Edward G. Verlander (ALL, Ed.D. Alum): Congratulations to Edward Verlander, who recently published The Practice of Professional Consulting, with J. Wiley & Sons. In the words of W. Warner Burke: "In 1985 I started and led a consulting business for 15 years.  I learned a lot but could have saved time, money and avoided mistakes by having this unusually useful book by Verlander.  His articulation and clarity regarding what to do when and how to do it is invaluable."







 Congratulations to all those who presented at the 10th Annual Conference on Transformative Learning:

                                                  A Future for Earth: Re-Imagining Learning for a Transforming World.

  • Lukas Murphy (AEGIS XXII), Transformative Learning in a Community of Practice
  • Solymar Ferreras (ALL), Transformative Learning in Higher Education Extracurriculum
  • Stacey Robbins (ALL), Transformative Learning in Higher Education Extracurriculum
  • Rosie Williams-Lim (AEGIS XXII), & Naya Mondo (AEGIS XXII), Making a Difference: Exploring the Experiences of Transformational Women Leaders in Kenya and Singapore
  • Maria Liu Wong (AEGIS XXII) Collaborative Inquiry and Transitions in Urban Ministry: Creating Time and Space for Reflexive Praxis in Community
  • Chad Hoggan (AEGIS, Ed.D. Alum), Towards an Integrated Research Framework for Transformative Learning Theory
  • Aliki Nicolaides (ALL, Ed.D. Alum), Emerging Model: Cultivating Transformative Learning Environments with and through Technology
  • Virginia L. H. Crowe (AEGIS, Ed.D. Alum), & Jane A. Taylor (AEGIS, Ed.D. Alum), Transformative Learning by Design: One Opportunity at a Time
  • Stacey Robbins (ALL), & Lyle Yorks (AEGIS, Ed.D. Alum & Faculty), Transformative Learning to Develop Strategic Insight in Management, Organization and Leadership Education
  • William Brendel (ALL, Ed.D. Alum), Existential Dimensions: What the Terminally Ill Can Teach Us About Existential Dimensions of Transformative Learning
  • Richanne C. Mankey (AEGIS, Ed.D. Alum), The Power of Praxis: Transforming Pedagogies and Practices in Graduate Leadership Education
  • Aliki Nicolaides (ALL, Ed.D. Alum), Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry: A Method for Envisioning the Future of Adult Learning Graduate Programs
  • Aimee Tiu Wu (ALL, Ed.D. Candidate), Learning Along the Road of Motherhood: Exploring the Potential of Transformative Learning in Doctoral Student Mothers
  • Jeanne Bitterman (ALL, Ed.D Alum & Faculty), Maria Liu Wong (AEGIS XXII), Naya Mondo, (AEGIS XXII), Ramona Sharpe (AEGIS XXII), Aimee Tiu Wu (AEGIS XXII), Connie Watson (AEGIS XXII), and Rosie Williams (AEGIS XXII), Exploring the Faculty-Institutional Role in Support of Emerging Scholars: Knowledge Construction and the Diversity Divas
  • Nicole Woods (AEGIS XXIII), Jennifer Yates, (AEGIS, Ed.D. Alum) and Victoria Marsick (ALL Faculty, Ph.D. Berkeley) Shared Dynamics of Learning: Using a Common Framework to Construct Individual Models of Learning
  • Welton Kwong (AEGIS XXIII) and Brian Mitra, (AEGIS XXIII), Not Just Brawn: A Case Study of Collegiate and Professional Athletes in Team Sports and the Role of Reflection in their Learning
  • Aliki Nicolaides (ALL, Ed.D. Alum), Understanding Learning at Multiple System Levels: An Analysis of Critical Incidents of Executive Learning




Michellana Y. Jester (AEGIS, Ed.D. alumna), currently serving as Lecturer and Manager of MIT Sloan School of Management's Action Learning Program, recently conducted a workshop on Action Learning in Management Education at Universiti Tun Abdul Razak's business school in Kuala Lumpur.





Brian Mitra‌ (AEGIS, Ed.D. candidate) recently won the 2012 National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA), Mid-Level Student Affairs Professional Award for Region II


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