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Organization & Leadership

Dr. Alex Bowers, Professor in Education Leadership, Receives NSF Grant

Dr. Alex Bowers receives National Science Foundation (NSF) grant for the research project titled "Building Community and Capacity for Data-Intensive Evidence-Based Decision Making in Schools and Districts", for $499,623 for years 2016-2019.

In this project, Dr. Bowers will be partnering with Nassau County BOCES in Long Island to study data use across their 56 districts and 20,000 teachers.  This data will help address the data needs of the practitioners through providing visual data analytics. Dr. Bowers will work with the practitioners using design-based research to iteratively generate these visualizations in open source software as a means to help inform classroom, building and district-level evidence-based improvement cycles that address their specific needs and problems of practice.  In the final stage of the project, the project will bring national experts and researchers in evidence-based improvement cycles and visual data analytics together in Nassau County to work in teams with groups of practitioners from Nassau BOCES in a multi-day workshop to build off of the findings from the first two stages and design and pilot additional analytics, and then release the code online as open access code to help create a national pilot and testbed for partnering with school districts to help build community and capacity around data analytics and evidence-based improvement cycles at multiple levels from schools to districts to counties to the national level.

Published Monday, May. 16, 2016

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