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Teachers College, Columbia University Launches MA/MBA Programs to Prepare School Leaders in Education and Business Management

Two-year programs offered by the College's Klingenstein Center for Independent and International School Leadership together with Columbia Business School and with INSEAD.

The Klingenstein Center for Independent School Leadership – the nation’s preeminent organization of its kind, based at Teachers College, Columbia University – has teamed with Columbia Business School and with INSEAD to launch innovative MA/MBA dual-degree programs.

The accelerated programs provide a master of arts in private school leadership from Teachers College and a master of business administration from either Columbia Business School or INSEAD. The programs are delivered in a concentrated format that allows graduates to enter the job market a year earlier than if they pursued these degrees individually.

“Twenty-first century schools require leaders with knowledge of education and strong business acumen to successfully sustain and grow their schools,” said Klingenstein Director Pearl Rock Kane. “The dual-degree programs prepare capable, highly motivated students in education as well as in business, leadership, management and social entrepreneurship.”

With nearly 4500 alumni serving as administrators and lead teachers, the Klingenstein Center, founded in 1977 with funding from TC Trustee Emeritus John Klingenstein, is widely regarded as the nation’s leader in preparing independent and international school educators.

The master’s degree program, offered through the Klingenstein Center, is built around the pillars of instructional leadership, collaboration, social justice, reflective practice, and ethical principles. The coursework focuses on imparting the knowledge, skills, and values essential for exemplary leadership. Students also undertake fieldwork to learn about leadership firsthand and to apply what they learn at the university to the real world of schooling.

The MBA portion of the dual degree is offered through Columbia Business School in NYC or INSEAD, on campuses in France and Singapore. The programs provide a critical advantage in preparing educators to start and lead schools throughout the nation and the world.

Applicants must apply separately to the Klingenstein Center and either Columbia Business School or INSEAD.  Those who apply to Teachers College must have at least three years of teaching experience and an outstanding track record of accomplishment as an educator.  

To learn more, email MAMBA@tc.columbia.edu or visit Klingenstein.org/MAMBA.


Published Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2014

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