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Ph.D in Education Leadership Program

In the Department of Organization and Leadership

Let's Connect!

Organization and Human Development Consulting Club

OHDCC is a student-led learning organization that aims to serve its members (students, alumni and faculty interested in organizations and leadership) by complementing the teaching that takes place in the classroom.


OLA is the student association for Teachers College, Columbia University’s Adult Learning and Organizational Leadership Program.

The Social-Organizational Psychology Exchange

The Exchange is a semi-annual event for members, alumni, and friends of the Programs in Social-Organizational Psychology to participate in a vibrant intellectual and professional gathering.

Student Senate

Working with students, faculty, and administration from the entire college, we dedicate the Student Senate activities to the college's mission of diversity and to embrace and promote the rich diversity, community, and civility of the student body; to encourage student organizations to develop and implement activities that serve Teachers College students and the larger University community; and, to discuss matters concerning the broader University community and present and support conclusions to the University Senate and the University administration.

American Education Research Association


AERA is committed to nurturing aspiring and practicing academics to care for the future of education by building capacity in education researchers. AERA is home to more than 7,000 student members, including approximately 6,500 graduate students and 500 undergraduate students.  Graduate students represent over 28% of all AERA members. 

AERA offers a rich array of programs and services for students through its divisions, special interest groups, and the Graduate Student Council, a standing committee of the Association.  Students interested in exploring opportunities in professional development, mentoring, and networking are strongly encouraged to pursue websites of divisions, special interest groups, and the Graduate Student Council for details. 

University Council for Education Administration 





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