Curriculum Framework

Curriculum Framework

Curriculum Framework and Objectives

The UELP curriculum is aligned to the National Educational Leadership Preparation (NELP) Standards for District-Level Leaders as listed here:

  1. Mission, Vision and Core Values
  2. Ethics and Professionalism
  3. Equity and Cultural Leadership
  4. Instructional Leadership
  5. Community and External Leadership
  6. Management of People, Data and Processes
  7. Policy, Governance and Advocacy
  8. Internship and Clinical Practice

More specifically, the objectives of the Urban Education Leaders Program are to:

  • Strengthen our students’ ability to lead educational organizations and systems that are purposeful, successful, and humane contexts for learning;
  • Help students develop skills and knowledge needed for the effective leadership and management of complex organizations in a global, technological, and culturally diverse society;
  • Stimulate inquiry and innovation around challenges in professional practice;
  • Broaden and deepen reflection about values, trends, and issues that affect the education enterprise;
  • Create and sustain a community of leaders committed to continuous learning and mutual support.

Course Schedule Timeline

While each entering UELP cohort might experience slight modifications to the course schedule, the following outline of TC courses illustrates the nature and scope of the curriculum.

Summer I

  • Research, Theory and Practice in Education Leadership
  • Leadership in Schools and Communities

Fall I

  • Introduction to Research Methods in Education Leadership
  • Leadership for Social Justice

Spring I

  • Action Research and Organizational Behavior
  • Action Research Practicum
  • School District Organization and Governance

Summer II

  • Educational Equality and the Law
  • School District Leadership: Personnel, Conflict and Labor Relations

Fall II

  • Education Policy, Politics and Leadership in Urban School Systems
  • Leadership for Adult Development
  • Internship in Public School District Leadership

Spring II

  • Improving Teaching and Learning in School Districts
  • School District Finance and Leadership

Summer III

  • Dissertation Proposal Advisement
  • Pro-Seminar in Education Leadership

Fall III-Spring III

  • Dissertation Advisement
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