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Dr. Eleanor  Drago-Severson

Dr. Eleanor Drago-Severson

Facilitates a Workshop on Adult Development and Explores the Learning Designs Standards and Strategies for Sustainable Leadership


Workshop on Leadership for Adult Development

Dr. Eleanor Drago-Severson, Professor of Education Leadership and Adult Learning in the Organization and Leadership Department, will facilitate a workshop on “Leading for Adult Development: Effective Strategies for Supporting Capacity Building in Schools, Districts, and Organizations” on November 15, 2016 in Hampton, Connecticut. Tailored to the needs of administrators, teachers, and teacher leaders, Dr. Drago-Severson's workshop will provide attendees with the tools they need to create a collaborative learning environment at schools.

The workshop is organized in collaboration with EASTCONN, a public, non-profit, regional educational service center.

To learn more about the workshop click here.

Article on Leadership for Adult Development

Dr. Eleanor Drago-Severson studies the three strands of the Learning Designs Standards. She focuses on one strand in her recent article Use A Variety of Practices to Connect with All, published in the February edition of the JSD journal, the Learning Forward bimonthly publication. In the article, Dr. Drago-Severson investigates how learning theories, research and models help us understand the professional adults we want to support.

To download an excerpt of the article click here.

 Article on Strategies for Sustainable Leadership

Dr. Eleanor Drago-Severson explores the best strategies for sustainable, healthy leadership. She utilizes the Learning-Oriented model for leadership development and capacity building to highlight useful approaches for self growth and fulfillment. Dr. Drago-Severson's article was published in the August 2015 edition of the JSD journal, the Learning Forward bimonthly publication.

To download the article click here.

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