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Dr. Thomas  Rogers

Dr. Thomas Rogers

Syosset School District Superintendent


Former Inquiry 1999 cohort member, Dr. Thomas Rogers was appointed in 2010 to the Nassau BOCES Board of Education as its District Superintendent and Chief Executive Officer. Currently and since 2014, Dr. Rogers is the Superintendent of the Syosset school district, which includes more than 6,500 enrolled students.

As the Superintendent of the Syosset School District, Dr. Rogers is responsible of leading and implementing the vision for the betterment of more than 6,500 students in the district. His responsibility also encompasses preserving and improving the arts programs at the district schools, which received recognition by the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network as well as the Award of Excellence from the National School Boards Association.

As CEO of Nassau BOCES, Dr. Rogers led the largest educational services cooperative in New York, comprising over 20 locations and 4,300 staff members to serve the 56 school districts in the county with a combined enrollment of 225,000 students. As District Superintendent, Dr. Rogers served as the statutory representative of the Commissioner of Education and the State Education Department in the Nassau County Supervisory District.

In addition to its nationally-recognized programs in special education and career and technical education, Nassau BOCES also provides a variety of technical support programs for local school districts, including electronic and assistive technology, in-service training for staff, public communications, data warehousing and analysis, distance education, and cooperative purchasing as well as a variety of literacy, career and technical programs for adult learners.

Dr. Rogers was previously the Executive Director of the New York State Council of School Superintendents, the statewide professional association for chief school officers.  During his tenure, the Council launched the 'Education is a Civil Right' campaign to improve public education equity, created the Leadership for Educational Achievement Foundation (LEAF) professional development academy, and co-founded Public Schools for Tomorrow, a national organization of education leaders advocating for education policy innovation.  

In addition to education policy writing, Dr. Rogers is the author, co-author and editor of several research publications on the superintendency, educational leadership, and adult learning and development.

Dr. Rogers received a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University at Buffalo, and Master and Doctorate degrees in Educational Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University. He serves as a Commissioner on the Middle States Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools.


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