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Urban Education Leaders Program

Department of Organization and Leadership

Application Requirements & Procedures





Admission Requirements

A recent resume, personal statement, three letters of recommendation, TOEFL scores (if applicable), transcripts from all institutions where credit was received, and GRE scores are all required for admission.

A Master's degree is required to be considered for admission.

These requirements are summarized in the following chart and are discussed in detail below.

Resume Professional resume detailing work and educational experience Electronically 8-10 years of teaching/leadership experience or equivalent work experience.
Statement detailing professional fit with the program Electronically Provide a short essay on why you want to be an urban superintendent or district leader and what you envision yourself accomplishing in that role. Describe your interests in this Program, your plans for study, and your future goals.
Three letters, either academic and/or professionally focused Electronically Recommenders must submit letters through the online system.
(if applicable)
Test of English Foreign Language Proficiency required for all applicants who have obtained a bachelor’s degree outside of the United States or Canada Electronically This requirement will not be waived (please see Guide to Admission).
Transcripts Required for all undergraduate, graduate and certificate work Mail to Office of Admission International transcripts must be accompanied by WES evaluation (please see Guide to Admission).
GRE Score A general test that measures readiness for graduate-level work Submit score report to TC using ETS website
TC Code:  2905
ETS will not release scores older than 5 years. We recommend a writing score of 4.0 or above.

Please note: The committee will review all applications holistically. That is, all materials will be thoroughly examined to determine applicant fit with, and potential to succeed in the Program. Interviews will also be conducted with a subset of applicants considered for admission.


A copy of your most recent resume should be submitted as part of your application materials. The resume is used to determine whether applicants meet the employment requirements for the program. Additionally, resumes should detail applicants’ relevant professional and educational background.

Personal Statement

The personal statement should address why a continued education and training in educational leadership would enhance applicants' ability to work more effectively in their formal district roles. It should be a clear and concise statement regarding the ways in which each applicant will benefit from the pursuit of an Ed.D. in Urban Education Leadership and contribute to the field of education leadership. Personal statements should be approximately two pages in length.

Recommendation Letters

Applicants must submit at least three recommendation letters from individuals who can speak to their capacity to succeed in an intensive, cohort-based learning environment. These references can either be academic and/or professional.

Test of English Foreign Language Proficiency (TOEFL)

TOEFL scores must be submitted for those applicants who received their bachelors degree from an institution where the official language of instruction was not English. This is a college requirement that will not be waived. For more information, please visit the website for the Office of Admission.

Undergraduate/Graduate Transcripts 

Teachers College requires that all applicants submit official copies of transcripts for any undergraduate, graduate or certificate work completed. Individuals who received their post-secondary credentials from outside the U.S. or Canada must submit their transcripts to World Education Services (WES) for a course-by-course evaluation. Please consider the length of time it takes for transcripts to be sent and evaluated when applying to the program. For more information, please visit the website of the Office of Admission. 

A Master's degree is required to be considered for admission.


Graduate Record Exam (GRE)

GRE scores should be submitted to the college through the ETS website.  The scores will then be reviewed as part of the overall application.  Please note that ETS will not release scores older than five years.  We recommend a writing score of 4.0 or above.  For more information please visit the websites of the Office of Admission or ETS. The Teachers College code with ETS is 2905.


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