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Higher and Postsecondary Education

Department of Organization & Leadership

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Faculty Research

College Educational Quality

This research agenda aims to create alternative, innovative, and comprehensive measures of educational quality (academic rigor, teaching quality, and learning objectives) across institutions that could contribute to public understanding of college and university quality. The current ways of measuring educational quality across institutions (testing, surveys, accreditation, performance metrics) have had unintended consequences, such as grade inflation, mission creep, the manipulation of institutional data, and the focus on collecting information that is easily quantifiable (graduation rates, for example) rather than less easily quantifiable indicators of educational quality. Higher education stakeholders need to see educational quality from multiple vantage points that get to the heart of the educational enterprise of institutions in order to make improved decisions.


Principal Investigator: Dr. Corbin Campbell


Contact Information:

Email: campbell2@tc.columbia.edu

Website: http://collegeedquality.weebly.com



Metropolitan Colleges Institute for Teaching Improvement (MetroCITI)

The Metropolitan Colleges Institute for Teaching Improvement (MetroCITI) seeks to improve and enrich teaching in the general/liberal education curricula of high-diversity colleges and universities throughout the New York metropolitan area. Through year-long seminars, we work with expert instructors (MetroCITI Fellows) to develop and disseminate approaches to teaching that help students surface and use what they know already – personally and culturally – to explore disciplinary ideas, especially those that promise to advance strivings for “the good” in students’ lives and communities.


Director: Dr. Anna Neumann


Contact Information:

Email: metrociti@tc.columbia.edu

Website: http://metrociti.pressible.org