Dear Organizational Psychology MA Students,

Welcome back from winter break and Happy New Year to you all. I hope your break was restful and restorative. I spent the break doing a little bit of everything: reading, writing, consulting, coaching, grading (!), lots of fun family time including hosting both Christmas and New Year's Eve, going to the movies and playing in the snow. The time went fast and I know this semester will go just as fast. I'm looking forward to saying hello to you in person in class, in 226 Thompson, in Everett Cafe, or in the halls. Don't hesitate to let me know if I can be helpful to you this year. Wishing all of us a great start to 2018.

Warm regards,

Sarah Brazaitis, Ph.D.

Current Student Profile

Tanha Ashraf

Tanha Ashraf is a full time student in the Social Organization Psychology program. Currently, Tanha is a Senior Talent Management Associate at Retensa, a boutique consulting firm that specializes in retention strategies that reduce staff turnover.

Tanha's role at Retensa consists of running data analytics and designing and delivering management training courses. Though she thoroughly enjoys the variety that comes with project work in consulting, Tanha is most fulfilled when she is working with executive teams developing strategies on how to develop, retain and maximize talent across their organization. Upon graduating in May, Tanha plans to continue consulting in organizational development and design.

Her slight irreverence of social cues will likely lead her to talk your ear off about some fringe co-op board game should you ever run into her in TC.

Alumni Profile

Jake Tuber

Jake Tuber is a 2013 M.A. graduate and is the founder of Ticonderoga Advisory LLC, where he works as a facilitator, coach, and leadership development advisor. He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the City College of New York, where he is designing and teaching a graduate survey course in I/O psychology this spring. Last summer, he returned to Teachers College as a member of the AEGIS doctoral cohort in Adult Learning and Leadership and is scheduled to complete his coursework in 2019.

Jake loved his time in the Organizational Psychology program and regularly brings his learning into his current role as a leadership development facilitator and coach. His coursework in organizational dynamics, staff development and training, and executive coaching directly inform the majority of his client work. Jake says that the printed copies of the Burke-Litwin Model and Gleicher's Change Formula that he posted next to his computer were consistent conversation starters every time anyone walked into his office.

When not working or completing his current TC workload, Jake is an avid runner and spearheads a running-based fundraising campaign on behalf of a children's summer camp. He lives with his amazing fiancée, Jessie, and their sweet black lab, Russell, in Arlington, VA.


If you'd like to connect with Jake, feel free to do so via LinkedIn.

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