Dear Organizational Psychology MA Students,
In the rush of life in 2018, with its endless news cycle, exponential increase of knowledge, constant competition for our attention, the pressure of FOMO, and sleep as a new status symbol, my thoughts feel jumbled and my brain feels flooded often. I am an enthusiastic, albeit slow, runner (jogger?), in large part, out of my craving for the mental cleanse that running provides me. Running helps me empty my mind so I can think. Yes, I get the irony of that, but it's true. A coaching client once told me she needed to go on vacation so she could rest her brain. I knew exactly what she meant.
Down time, white space, being bored, presence, reflecting, a walkabout, stillness, a beat, a breath, feeling, pausing, a moment, many moments strung together with nowhere to go and nothing to do, but only this, here, now - I wish this for you over Thanksgiving. For me it is the pause of life's endless agenda that enables me to think again and feel something other than rushed or annoyed. Gratitude rushes in instead.
I am truly grateful for you and for the community we create and share together at TC. Wishing all of you a very happy Thanksgiving.
Warm regards,

Sarah Brazaitis, Ph.D.

Current Student Profile

Jean Sohn is currently a second-year student in the Social-Organizational Psychology M.A. program. What Jean appreciates most about the program is that it provides time and opportunities for career exploration. Since her enrollment in the program, Jean has pursued both internal OD and external consulting roles, through which she engaged in various change management projects for clients across industries. This Fall, she is working at Sotheby's, where she is leading an enterprise-wide OD initiative to design and implement a value-based, multi-method employee recognition, feedback & reward program. Previously, she worked with the Organizational Effectiveness team at Slalom Consulting to design and execute training and communication strategies for a technology change implementation project.
As a bicultural professional, Jean has always been passionate about Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. At TC, Jean has continued her research on workplace diversity, particularly relating to gender and race, by joining Dr. Caryn Block's research workgroup. This year, she is supporting the OHDCC leadership team as an Ambassador. Through this role, she has been enjoying connecting and sharing experiences with current and prospective students.

Outside of work and TC, Jean has been spending the remainder of her energy on planning her upcoming wedding. Wedding planning is quite a project to manage, but she is beyond thrilled to be engaged to her fiancĂ©! 

Alumni Profile

Scott Hathaway is a 2015 MA Program graduate, and believes that organizational psychology is one of the most powerful degrees for future HR practitioners. He is the Director of Leadership Development at Flex, a design and manufacturing company based in Silicon Valley, CA that has 220,000 employees spread across 30 countries.

Scott leads the design, development, and execution of learning and leadership development programs globally. His role has taken him to Austria, China, Hungary, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, and across the United States as a coach and facilitator for Flex's leaders. During his time at Flex, Scott has been able to specialize in the development of high potential leaders through rotation programs, coaching, and action learning.

Scott loves partnering with business leaders around the world. Being able to accurately assess the needs of a new business unit with all their cultural nuances and design solutions that impact their success is fulfilling work.

Scott believes there is enormous opportunity for Org Psych graduates in San Francisco & Silicon Valley where companies with progressive HR practices are searching for skilled talent.

Scott lives with his wife and two kids in Santa Clara, CA. They spend their free time exploring California's beaches, San Francisco, Napa, Monterey, and Yosemite National Park.
If you'd like to connect with Scott, feel free to do so via LinkedIn.

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As always, with all these recommendations, don't hesitate to let me know what you think and/or to offer your own suggestions for possible inclusion in upcoming newsletters. I welcome your input.