Spring 2018 Comprehensive Exam for MA Students | Social-Organizational Psychology | Organization and Leadership

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Social-Organizational Psychology

In Organization and Leadership

Spring 2018 Comprehensive Exam for MA Students

Spring 2018 Comprehensive Exam Information
Information Session: Monday, February 5th, 6pm; location: TBA (will be under 1 hour)

Comp Exam Sign Up and Question Distribution: Starting Friday, February 9th until Tuesday, February 13th 

Comp Exam: Friday, March 2nd, 1pm - 4pm, location: TBA

Rules (not exhaustive):

(1) You must have completed the following Core Level 1 courses: Functions of Organizations, Organizational Psychology, Understanding Behavioral Research, Human Resource Management.

(2) You must have received a C+ or better in each of these Core Level 1 courses.

(3) You should have completed, or should be in the process of completing, 32 of your 45 required credits.

(4) If you sign up to take the Exam and receive the Exam questions, you must sit for the Exam. If you do not sit for the Exam, it will count as a failure.

(5) You must pass with an 80% on the Comp Exam.

(6) You may only take the Comp Exam twice.  If you fail more than two times you may not be allowed to continue study in the MA Program.

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