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Summer Principals Academy in New Orleans

The Education Leadership Program in the Department of Organization and Leadership

Application Requirements and Procedures


The application portal for the 2019 admission cycle is now open.


  • A minimum of three years teaching experience.  Applicants must also be certified teachers or on track to receive certification prior to starting the program. 
  • Institutional or District Superintendent Endorsement: 
Completion of the winter term module (consisting of a combined site based internship/distance learning unit) requires completing a field-based internship performed where you are presently teaching - the sponsoring school.  We view your local school system as an important partner in the development of your leadership skills and we look forward to working with them in nurturing the growth of your leadership abilities. 

The specific details of that internship will be developed both prior and during the initial summer term through advisement with program faculty and your school principal. The procedure by which your internship takes shape is outlined more fully in the Endorsement Form. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to download the Form.

Application requirements are:

  • Full Online Application
  • A thoughtful Statement of Purpose. Your Statement of Purpose should address the following: (1) Please describe any formal or informal leadership experiences you have had in your professional life and what you have learned from them; and (2) Why do you believe SPA|NOLA could be an appropriate program for furthering your leadership skills?
  • A copy of your current resume
  • Two professional or academic references(The online system will ask for contact information for recommenders, once provided, the system will contact them directly. Do not have them submit paper copies)
  • Official copy of your undergraduate transcript 
  • Copies of all post-secondary transcripts from all academic institutions from which you have received academic credit

Please inform us if you are one of the following:  Teach for America alumni; New York City Teaching Fellow; Graduate of Teachers College.

Applications for admission to SPA|NOLA for academic year 2019-2020 can be submitted online starting from September 1st, 2018.
All candidates who pass the initial review will participate in a video interview with the Director of the program, Dr. Brian Perkins, and a faculty member via the software, Zoom. Instructions for installing Zoom can be found Here.
For more detailed information on the application process, contact the Assistant Director of Admissions, Ms. Nicole Siniscalchi at or via phone at 212-678-3730.

Important Notes:

  • Early applicants receive priority consideration.

  • At this time, Teachers College can not place non-employed teachers in internships. If you are not currently actively teaching, it is your responsibility to find a sponsoring school where you will perform the internship during the intervening academic year.

Requirements to obtain an M.A. Degree
Apply for an M.A. degree if you have fewer than 24 prior graduate credits.
Requirements to obtain an Ed.M Degree
Apply for an Ed.M degree if you have 24 or more prior graduate credits.


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