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Summer Principals Academy

The Education Leadership Program in the Department of Organization and Leadership

Mission Statement

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The Summer Principals Academy is committed to equity and excellence in education. We are dedicated to overcoming the gap in education access and achievement between the most and least advantaged groups in this country by preparing school leaders who are ready to meet these complex challenges.  To achieve this goal, our aspiring school leaders are encouraged to construct transforming possibilities for student and adult learning, school improvement, social equity, and opportunity.  

We prepare exceptional district and charter school principals and assistant principal.  Not content to simply prepare these leaders to perpetuate schools as they currently exist, we strive to prepare extraordinary leaders to create the innovative schools our nation and the world need.  

The following seven statements represent the core values of the Summer Principals Academy:

  • Quality education and education leadership are central to promoting social justice and diversity and these values are central to ethical leadership;
  • Excellent leadership development and preparation will nurture not only knowledge, skills and values, but also personal self-actualization and transformation;
  • School leaders are responsible for nurturing not only the teaching and learning of all members of the school community, but also for nurturing their own self-actualization and personal transformation;
  • Skillful collaboration and teamwork are essential to foster quality schools;
  • All aspects of leadership development and education will promote the practice of intellectually and ethically reflective leadership;
  • Active, participatory, learning that is rooted in actual school contexts, simulations, case-studies, and offers multiple opportunities to improve leadership skills is core to the curriculum; and
  • Innovation and risk-taking play a key role creating a vision and promoting educational change.


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