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Office of School and Community Partnerships

Office of School and Community Partnerships

About OSCP

The Office of School and Community Partnerships (OSCP) was established in 2007 to coordinate and increase the College’s engagement with New York City K-12 public schools. OSCP builds on a long legacy that reflects the College’s founding mission to bring educational opportunities to all members of society. At the heart of this commitment is a belief in the moral imperative that Teachers College, like all higher education institutions, should bring intellectual, human and financial resources to bear on improving educational outcomes for the children and families in their own communities. In establishing deep partnerships with schools, OSCP seeks to direct resources and expertise into areas where they are most needed and where there are pronounced disparities in educational access and achievement between advantaged groups and disadvantaged groups. In doing so it shares accountability for students’ success in its surrounding community, while also strengthening knowledge, teaching and research at the College.

OSCP is led by Dr. Nancy Streim, the Associate Vice President for School and Community Partnerships. Dr. Streim is an expert on university partnership with elementary and secondary schools and an architect of a “university-assisted public schools model” that systematically addresses conditions related to educational success, including teacher development, early childhood education, physical and mental health, expanded learning opportunities, and parent engagement. Under her leadership, OSCP has become a focal point for encouraging and enabling mutually beneficial collaborations between the College and NYC schools.

OSCP supports the College’s commitment to New York City public schools and to the preparation of educators, school leaders, and policymakers through several key initiatives:

OSCP is proud to be the recipient of numerous grants and gifts from public and private sources that have supported its work. Among the agencies and individuals that have funded OSCP initiatives are: the New York State Education Department, the United Way of New York City, the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development, the General Electric Foundation, the JPMorgan Chase Foundation , the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund, the Saltz Foundation, the Hearst Foundation, and many individual donors whose generous gifts have supported the development of the Teachers College Community School, REACH, and OSCP operations.