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Teaching Residents at Teachers College


TR@TC or Teaching Residents at Teachers College is a federally-funded program designed to recruit and prepare secondary-level teachers for high need schools in New York City in three certification areas: Teaching Students with Disabilities (TSWD), Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), and Science Education – Biology.

The program is in it’s second iteration, with a cohort of 13 students who began their work this January.  We are excited to be continuing this work and could not do it without the time, effort, and amazing contributions of so many colleagues in schools and community who have graciously shared their time and talents with enthusiasm and energy.  

We look forward to working together to prepare and induct excellent teachers who can compassionately and capably serve urban youth – young people whom we know face many challenges, but who also possess great capacity and potential.  The work we have collectively chosen to take on is not easy, but then, no important work ever is.  However, as a collaborative community of educators, learners, professionals, and dreamers, we will undoubtedly achieve more together than we ever might alone.