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Dr. Laura Azzarito

Dr. Azzarito

Dr. Azzarito
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Dr. Azzarito’s research examines the links among young people’s construction of the body, identity and inequality issues from a pedagogical and sociocultural perspective.  Dr. Azzarito is currently conducting visual research projects with young people in urban school physical activity contexts.  Her related interests include the theorization and application of visual methods; the examination of the ways in which the intersection of gender/sex, race/ethnicity, (dis)ability and social class discourses in school physical activity informs young people’s construction of the body; visual pedagogies; and curriculum theory.  The interdisciplinary nature of her research brings together art education, visual studies, curriculum theory, physical education and physical culture studies.  Her research is informed by constructivist, feminist post-structuralist and post-colonial theories.

Selected Publications

  • Azzarito, L., Marttinen, R., Simon, M., Markiewiez, R. (2014). “I’m beautiful”: A case for adopting a sociocultural perspective in physical education teacher education. In S.B. Flory, S. Sanders, & A. Tishler (Eds.), Sociocultural issues in physical education. Case Studies for teachers. New York, Rowman & Littlefiled.

  • Azzarito, L. (2016). Moving in My World: From school PE to community arts exhibitions. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, 35, 38-53.

  • Azzarito, L.. Simon, M., Marttinen, R. (2016). “Stop photo-shopping!” A visual participatory inquiry into students’ responses to a body curriculum. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, 35, 54-69.

  • Azzarito, L. & Macdonald, D. (2016). Young people and the intersectionality of gender, race, and social class. In K. Green (Ed.), Routledge Handbook of Youth Sport. London: Routledge.

  • Azzarito, L. (2016). Physical education as a site of critical inquiry: Intersectionality and ethnically diverse young people’s issues of embodiment. In G. Sobiech & S. Günter (Eds.), Sports and Society. Schwarzwaldstr, Germany: VS Verlag Publisher.

  • Azzarito, L. (2016). Stepping forward into a healthy and productive new year: Congratulations JTPE! Editor’s Notes. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education.

  • Azzarito, L., Simon, M., & Marttinen, R. (2016). “Up against Whiteness”: Rethinking race and the body in a global era. Special issue in Sport, Education and Society: The Political is Critical: Explorations of Contemporary Politics of Knowledge in Health and Physical Education (Invited publication) Advance online publication: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13573322.2015.1136612

  • Azzarito, L. (in press). “Permission to speak": A Postcolonial view on racialized bodies and PE in the current context of neoliberal globalization. Social Justice Feature. Guest Editor, Special Issue in Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 1-15.

  • Azzarito, L., Marttinen, R., Simon, M., & Markiewiez, R. (in press). “...I guess people are more attracted to White people than Black people...” In D.B. Robinson, L. Randall, & W. J. Harvey (Eds.), Critical Pedagogy within physical education: Problematizing sociocultural, political, and institutional practices and assumptions. Morgantown, WV: FIT Publisher.

  • Azzarito, L., & Simon, M (in press). Interrogating Whiteness in physical education teacher education: Preparing prospective PE teachers to become educators of culturally relevant pedagogy and social justice. In K. Lux Gaudreault & K. Richards (Eds.), Teacher Socialization. Routledge: London.

  • Azzarito, L. Macdonald, D., L. Dagkas, S., Fisette, J. (2016). Revitalizing the PE social-justice agenda in the global era: Where do we go from here? Quest, 1-15.